Just Add Hair #2

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This one’s by Edwin.  I love it for two reasons:

1. … Also, cool guy don’t look at explosions


2.  I’ve seen this kid’s confidence in line grow and grow.  You can tell how quickly he drew this and the resulting line variation and looseness is pretty impressive.

also, cool guy don’t look at explosions. LOL.

Just Add Hair #1

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So I teach art to 7th and 8th graders.  Recently I was ill with a ridiculously long-lasting stomach bug my lovely wife decided to share with me (I’m sure I deserved it).  One of the activities in my sub plans had a selfie I’d taken printed in black and white, along with the caption, “Our weary traveler has lost his hair!  Can you help?  Add hair to Mr. Anke’s follicly-challenged dome!”

The results were so incredibly awesome and hilarious, I smacked myself for not coming up with this lesson years ago.  The latent talent and senses of humor revealed have forced me to post a bi-weekly version of “the new me.”  I have loads and must share.

The above is from Izzy.  I love the attention to the Pikachu details like the line under my nose, and the ears of course, but I think the name Anka-chuu is what had me cracking up the morning I found these on my desk.


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Photo on 3-21-14 at 12.45 PM

My kid was Star of the Week in his class today, so I was going to go in there and do a directed draw with his second grade class.  This was the sketch I was going to lead them in, but the teacher- a good friend of mine- asked if I would read to them instead.  No worries.  I love reading to kids, so she brought me a book and whaddya know… it was a book written and illustrated by some jerk named Robert Anke.


Hope your spring is off to a nice start.  Seeing my kid in classroom action did wonders for mine.  Mountain biking in the hills around here doesn’t hurt either.  Parting shot from my last ride:


Spark: some wonder

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I love me some scratchboard.  I’m getting better at it, which is good since I’m halfway through illustrating a book on it.  By the time I get to the end, I should be ok.  I usually plan and sketch out my illos on paper first, then do graphite transfers.  Reason being:  I’m scared.  You can’t really erase in this medium.  And since you’re drawing highlights on dark versus shadows on a bright white surface you have to turn your brain inside out while working.

So when Illustration Friday came up with “spark” as their theme and this idea came into my noggin, I figured it was a good time to jump in without a net.  Not bad for no transfer.  I’m no master, but hey… there are only so many of those jerks out there.


Happy Wednesday.

Voice: TTD

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The Hardline According to Terence Trent D’Arby is still one of my top ten albums of all time.   Love every song on it.  I sing embarrassingly loud to it in the car.  Back in the day, people got sick of Wishing Well- for good reason, since they played it so much on the radio- but man… I never got tired of it; that bassline is just too good.  Now, twenty-five years later, the album is one of those gems I’m scared to play too much because I never want to get tired of it.

Anyway, this week’s IF theme was “voice”.  I thought of TTD, and since I haven’t gone super-representational in a long time, I figured it’d be good practice.  I’m rusty, but I think I got close.

Hope your Sunday’s nice and your week’s a good one.

Space: Shakka

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So I’m working on ceramic tiki statues with my kids and this is what happens when I come home making a rubric for all things tiki then read the topic for this week’s Illustration Friday topic: Space.

Shoot for the stars, but don’t forget that we’re all spinning on a rock in the middle of space and no one has anything more than a subjective answer, philosophically, for why… so let’s have a smile for one another.

Hang loose brethren.

Happy Weekend.

Twisted: dapper like

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He’s a scarecrow.  He likes to dance in wingtips.  Probably bangin’ the Sinatra on the system or maybe some Sir Duke.  Oh, or better yet, some electro swing.  How nice are beats mixed with swing?  Super nice (that was rhetorical… I’m a jerk like that).  Check out some Parov Stelar or some Kormac if you haven’t yet, or maybe even some Caravan Palace if you like more of that gypsy jazz swing.

Hope your Wednesday was good and your Thursday is better!


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